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The Tulsa Volunteer Center lists hundreds of volunteer opportunities throughout the Tulsa community. If you are interested in volunteering, please use this convenient form to tell us about your interests and preferences.  The Volunteer Center will match you with volunteer jobs which meet your criteria, in nonprofit agencies which need your help! (You'll receive a list, then you can contact those agencies to volunteer.)

Other convenient ways The Volunteer Center can help you find volunteer opportunities: 

  • Go to volunteer programs for a list of all area nonprofit organizations which have listed their volunteer needs with the Volunteer Center.  
  • Check the calendar for upcoming special events needing volunteers.  
  • Call us at the Volunteer , 585-5551 for personalized assistance.

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  THANK YOU for your interest in serving our community! 

Make volunteering a way of life for a lifetime.  Contact The Tulsa Volunteer Center any time for more ideas about ways to become involved.