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The Volunteer Center offers many services for nonprofit organizations which need volunteers, including:

  • Referring prospective volunteers to your program.  Use the form below to register online and be listed in our database!
  • Consultation, technical assistance and training on starting and managing a volunteer program
  • Membership in the Tulsa Association of Volunteer Administrators (TAVA)
  • The opportunity to nominate your outstanding volunteers for Volunteer of the Year Awards
  • A resource library

Use the form below to list your nonprofit organization's volunteer needs in The Tulsa Volunteer Center database -- so we can help prospective volunteers find you!  Complete the form below and submit it online, so we can match your program's needs for volunteers with people who want to help.  Or, you may print the form and mail or fax it to us.  NOTE:  this new online registration function is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  For now, please print the form below and mail or fax it to us at The Volunteer Center -- or call us to discuss your volunteer needs and register to receive referrals of prospective volunteers.  Then, visit again soon to list your future volunteer needs online!


Agency name: 

Mailing address: 

City, state, zip: 

Site address, if different from above: 



Volunteer manager: 




Brief description of agency purpose and services:

Client group(s) and geographic area(s) served:

Hours of Operation:

Days of Operation: 

(Please submit this form for each volunteer position you would like to fill.)

Volunteer service title: 

Placement address, if different from agency address: 

Contact person: 



Position responsibilities:

Skills needed:

Training required:

This position could be filled by a (check all that apply):

youth -- minimum age:
person at home
group of volunteers
senior citizen
family unit
person with a disability
non-English speaker
court referral

Time commitment expected:

short term -- beginning date:    ending date:
ongoing -- starting:

Days and hours needed:

Mon. - hours:   
Tues. - hours: 
Wed. - hours: 
Thurs. - hours: 
Fri. - hours: 
Sat. - hours: 
Sun. - hours: 

For now, please print this form and mail or fax it to us -- or call us to discuss your needs for volunteers.  The "Submit" function below will begin working soon so please try it next time!  (How it will soon work:  "Please review your input, then Submit below.")